About my art

My art is made to conjure up images in the mind of the viewer, images that only appear as suggestions in the artwork. The role of the viewer is to "complete the artwork" by letting his or her thoughts wander. I make it easier to freely associate by losing most depictive elements, and only leave suggestions of recognizable shapes and things, the way that, for example, one horizontal line can suggest a horizon without actually depicting a landscape. My choice of medium is secondary and mostly driven by what suits the idea, what is available to me, and what allows for intuitive use. Besides all this, it should always be possible to see the picture as just a collection of colorful shapes and lines, because in essence I make colorful, sometimes bold and chaotic, abstract art.

Short bio

Femke Kuiling creates work that deals with the interaction between the observer and the external world. After pursuing an education in painting and photography, she went on to study physics and philosophy, which brought her to the University of Minnesota. Currently, she studies philosophy with a minor in art and is writing a dissertation that applies concepts from art to quantum mechanics. After initially approaching art conceptually, Kuiling now approaches her work in an intuitive way that leaves room for play with gesture and chance. Her digital art is currently on view online as part of group exhibitions in F-Stop Magazine and Lenscratch. She has also shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions in the Netherlands and Iceland.