Femke Kuiling


Having no clean air left to breathe because of smoke from wildfires made a big impact on me. When the air around us is polluted there is nothing left to do besides, eventually, perish and die. It came too close for comfort this Summer.

These two small paintings are for now titled “Little wildfire no. 1” and “Little wildfire no. 2”. These are letter sized, acrylic on paper. I made them yesterday, after not having painted for a while.

Smudging Lake of the Isles

These are two digital drawings of Lake of the Isles in which I used a lot of digital smudging. I think it looks like the effect you’d get when you use oil pastels and do color blending. I think it can be too much. I prefer when it’s just a little and it looks like the edges of a shape are out of focus. Of course, representing something out of focus, only really happens in photography. If you draw from life, a shape, once you look at it in order to draw it, automatically shows up in focus.